2022 Highlights

24 hours of celebration

Spotlighting how the global community celebrated World Engineering Day 2022

Running for 24-hours, commencing in East and following the sun as it circled the globe, the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) hosted a live-streamed 24-hour event to celebrate engineers everywhere.

Calling on WFEO partners and engineering institutes around the world, the 24-hours of World Engineering Day saw the global community come together to showcase the incredible work and talent of engineers.

24HRS live facts

The complete broadcast was placed on the WED website and will be available to enjoy for the entire year

The WED activation team completely developed (from nothing) an entire sub brand, logo, website hub, info kits, explainer video, welcome videos, database forms, email program, social media program and MORE!

Promoted hubs in 8 zones (Australia/China/India/ Africa/France/UK/USA/Costa Rica)

Worked connections with multiple WFEO partners for the provision of content for the 24HR feed

Started at 12pm (local) in Sydney, Australia on 4 March

Concluded 24 hours later, at 7pm (local) in San Jose, Costa Rica on 4 March

24Hrs live data

WED 24Hrs Live 2022


Female (29.85%)
Male (70.15%)

194 videos

21 partners

12 sponsors

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Replay the 24hrs live 2022

Select a different region below. Each region was spotlighted for 3 hours of live content.


2022 Hosts

Felicity Furey

An award-winning business leader, engineer and entrepreneur, Felicity Furey has made a career out of making the ‘impossible’, possible. 

Named one of AFR’s 100 Women of Influence by age 26 and Boss Magazine’s Young Executive of The Year, Felicity has led multi-million dollar engineering projects across Australia, founded several successful businesses including WeAspire, Power of Engineering and Machinam and secured partnerships with the likes of Qantas, Toyota and Energy Australia. 

Felicity mentors high-performing teams and equips current and emerging leaders across every industry with the skills they need to make an impact and drive meaningful change.

Kartik Mohandas

A highly motivated and enthusiastic media professional with a passion for Film, TV, Radio, digital media and digital convergence. Kartik has a Master’s degree in Media & Mass Communication and a Bachelor’s degree in Economics. He has worked across various media sectors including – Movie distribution, OTT Distribution & Sales, PayTV subscription business, Radio production & broadcasting, TV broadcasting and content production. Kartik has hosted many prestigious events and programs including:

  • AIBC (Australia India Business Council) National Address Premier’s Multi-cultural Dinner 
  • Parramasala Community Festival 
  • IABCA National Gala Night .
  • BBC World Service 
  • Radio Talkback shows 
  • World Malayalee Annual Event 

Anne Koopmann-Schmidt

An award-winning engineering leader, leadership coach, facilitator, lecturer and speaker.

Drawing on her international career as a senior leader in the Engineering Industry, Anne launched her own Leadership Consultancy Business in 2019. 

Throughout her 10-year engineering career, she has worked in Germany, the USA, Canada and Australia and travelled to many international manufacturing sites to support and train local quality and continuous improvement teams.

She has learned first-hand what it takes to be a courageous leader in the Engineering industry. 

Anne believes that everyone has the power to drive change and create impact. She is passionate about helping individuals be their best selves by discovering and playing to their unique strengths. Her vision is to drive team performance and innovation by appreciating the power of diversity.

Through her 1:1 Coaching, Group and Team Programs, she supports STEAM organisations in Europe and Australia to develop courageous leaders and strengths-based teams.

Anne has worked with organisations like Metro Trains, Transmax, REA, Community Broadcasting Foundation, Swinburne University, AECOM, Corrs Chambers Westgarth, LeanIn Melbourne, and Weld Australia.

Due to her expertise in the Engineering and Leadership space, Anne got to teach “Leadership for Innovation” as part of the University of Melbourne’s Innovation Practice Program.


Ashley Brinson

Ashley is the principal consultant of Brinson and Associates Pty Ltd. He is also the founder of Greener Technologies Pty Ltd, the developer of Solarobotix, an automation system for large scale solar energy. 

Ashley is a director for PT Blink Ltd, a software company delivering construction technology. Ashley’s previous roles include the CEO of The Warren Centre for Advanced Engineering and the Solar Energy Alliances Manager for Dow Corning Corporation. 

Ashley holds a BChE from Georgia Tech, an MBA from Rutgers University and a Juris Doctor from Sydney University Law School.  Ashley is a Fellow of Engineers Australia, a Fellow of IChemE, and a lawyer of the Supreme Court of NSW. 




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