2022 Highlights


World Engineering Day Hackathon 2022

In 2022, the World Federation of Engineering Organisations  (WFEO) launched the world first World Engineering Day Hackathon.


WFEO invited undergraduate university students from around the world to come together to produce engineering solutions to some of the greatest issues of this generation.


Inviting partners and sponsors from the global community, WFEO hosted a successful event that saw hundreds of students volunteer their time and energy.

Hackathon facts

Three great challenges, developed with the support of Engineerings Without Borders (EWB-I), International Engineering Alliance, IFEES, as well as the WFEO Executive Board

We received more than 1000 pre-event registrations of which 465 students entered

Confirmed INTEL as a PLATINUM Hackathon Sponsor

The competition had 40 judges for Preliminary Round and 6 judges from our partners in Finalist Round.

The 6 ‘Finalist’ judges were senior people from WFEO partners: UNESCO, EWB, IFEES, INWES, GEDC & IEA.

The judging criteria: was based on the IEA GAPC. This was a highly strategic move. In future years WFEO hopes this will encourage more IEA signatories to support the universities in their jurisdictions to participate.


WED Hackathon 2022

125 entries received

462 individual participants

92% Engineering Students

60 Universities

23 Countries

Challenge 1

54 Teams

Challenge 2

36 Teams

Challenge 3

35 Teams


1st Place


  • Reaner Jacqueline Bool
  • Ghia Luwalhati
  • Nicole Elizabeth Tan

from Batangas State University in the Phillipines

2nd Place

Mobile Rain Water Harvesting

  • Patrick Jilek-Rodriguez
  • Ammar Zavahir
  • Wilson Holland
  • Adam Fricska

from The University of British Columbia Okanagan in Canada

3rd place


  • Joseph Nguthiru
  • Charles Rugendo

from Egerton University in Kenya

All members of the winning teams were engineering students

The finalists consisted of 14 females and 16 males

Winning teams were selected out of 9 Finalist entries

From 6 countries; Australia, Canada, China, India, Philippines & Kenya

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Meet Our Finalists Judges

Meet Our Preliminary Judges

Hackathon explainer video